Maid-kai 6-year-old girl, less rolling HS tragic death


Kowloon Tong, master and servant and caused the death under the wheels tragedy. Year-old only daughter yesterday morning by the maid brought back to kindergarten, maids the Trolley less main, the suspect in a hurry to break the pedestrian crossing red light, hastily foot crossing Lan open Harcourt Road, a dump truck turn left and to only The difference will step foot on the refuges of master and servant, caught in the blind spot in front of the dump trucks rolling HS tragic death, both underneath the bus. Ignorant drivers feel the shock body, just outside the 10 meters to stop, was arrested for dangerous driving causing death. The girls mother and her boyfriend to kneel dead at the scene crying heartbroken.

Scene from the orchard less than two hundred meters
The girl had the tragic death of Chih Cheng (six-year-old), is the home of an only child, parents divorced early, living with the mother and her boyfriend, Tai Kok Tsui Charming Garden in Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong Soka Kindergarten Reading sophomore afternoon classes, her high academic achievers , are very much a teacher favorite. Yesterday her maid Memita (36 years) back to school to participate in interest groups EQ (emotional quotient) classes, surprise, misfortune away from the school less than two hundred meters away.

Yesterday morning about 8 am, the maid, and Chih-Cheng bus boarding and alighting bus stop off at La Salle College, walk along the La Salle Road, Harcourt Road direction to Lancashire, in time for the return of schools in Moray Road. The maid right hand dragged his little master, ready to cross the Malu Lan Lancashire Road. It has been reported was the pedestrian traffic light is red light, the master or the servant has to step over half of the road, about to embark on the road in the refuge islands. At this point, the 43-year-old surnamed Luo man driving a round-ton dump truck, by the La Salle Road, left into the Lancashire Road, but no crossing maids and girls from left to right, the right front has the master or the servant knocked down underneath the bus, run over by two of the three sets of wheels on the right, which the maid dragged ten meters. According to the report Luo feeling body vibration brake quickly and get off the train look, found the road for two prone, white girls feet and shoes fly off the ground, the maid handbags and bags scattered over the ground, shocked alarm, ambulancemen arrived at the scene confirmed two were dead.

Pay attention to the o-line distraction to drivers arrested
Police cordoned off the area and collect evidence on the wheels of the dump truck, according to newspaper dump truck when the speed is not more than 70 kilometers, the time of the incident Cab radio on. He has twenty years of driving experience, ten vehicle license. Yesterday morning to seven o'clock start to the Hereford Road to collect the dump sent to Tseung Kwan O landfill, the time of the incident is the second interchange, the car did not contain the dump. Traffic, Kowloon West, the Special Investigation team first team in charge of Chen Shaohuai refers, I believe that the traffic lights at that time just from red to green start-ups, dump trucks, suspect that the driver drove the hours of the heart to pay attention to the o-line bus, plus allegedly as a result of the height of the vehicle blind spot, do not see the deceased to cross the road. Initial examination confirmed dump truck wheels and braking system properly, I believe the accident has nothing to do with mechanical.

Had Chih-Cheng attended kindergarten principals Yeuk have tragedy informed the Board of Education, and start the Crisis Group, to resume classes Monday will be sent a letter to parents accountable, and to send a psychologist to provide counseling for students, teachers and parents of the emotional impact.